Nutanix CEO to VMware: ‘Stop Being a Bully’

Nutnix CEO to VMware: ‘Stop Being a Bully’

The Nutanix-VMware battle escalated a notch or ten with a Nutanix site that accuses VMware COO Sanjay Poonen of “bullying” Nutanix prospects on LinkedIn and electronic mail.

Late Monday, Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey posted a site that begins with his musing about human dignity (it was posted on MLK Jr. Day), taxation without the need of illustration, and his company’s no-vTax movement. This is effectively its protest in opposition to VMware application licensing charges.

“Heavyweight hypervisors and highly-priced virtualization application are an unfair tax on application administrators,” Pandey wrote. “Virtualization is intended to be invisible. It should really not have professional administrators nor an explicit IT expend.”

And then the gloves come off.

‘Frontal Assault’ on VMware, Dell

“Unfortunately, VMware sees this architectural argument as a frontal assault on their company,” Pandey wrote. “It was extremely strange for their COO Sanjay Poonen to have related with our prospects on LinkedIn and send this electronic mail.”

The site reveals a duplicate of the electronic mail he suggests Poonen despatched to Nutanix prospects. VMware did not quickly reply to issues about the electronic mail.

“I desired to enable you know that your name and your company’s model is getting made use of in a vitriolic anti-VMware and anti-Dell campaign by Nutanix,” reads the electronic mail, whose sender identifies himself as the COO of VMware. It is referring to this campaign, which urges companies to “ditch the vTax.” Pandey phone calls the campaign a “new way of lifetime.” The electronic mail, nonetheless, repeatedly phone calls it “vitriolic” and a “frontal assault on both VMware and Dell.”

Tomayto, tomahto.

The electronic mail “humbly” asks prospects to convey to Nutanix to take out their names from the campaign and provides: “We really do not want it to influence your model, as also your partnership with VMware AND Dell — these days or into the long run.”

Pandey counters the vTax revolt is not about Dell. “This argument that No-VTAX is about Dell is as preposterous as indicating that HPE, Lenovo, NEC, Fujitsu, Huawei, Inspur, and other competing server producers should really stop supporting VMware, now that Dell is an trader in VMware.”

But what he actually will take situation with is what Pandey phone calls “the veiled threat” about the campaign influencing customers’ brand names. This, he wrote, “is an act of bullying that has no area in a planet where the buyer is all highly effective. These kinds of bullying is what produces movements, rebellions, and eventual independence from unfair taxation.”

Hug It Out?

Oh, and for the file: Nutanix’ product or service system is multi-server and multi-hypervisor. “We hug vSphere as difficult as we hug AHV,” Pandey wrote, referring to the the two companies’ respective hypervisors.

All of this hearkens back to one more Nutanix fight with one more Dell Technologies’ model: Dell EMC. This a single also played out in dueling blogs and e-mails. It centered on which vendor could rightfully declare the title of hyperconverged infrastructure industry share leader.

And it finished with both companies’ describing the other as a “great partner,” despite the spat.

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