Alienware Alpha Desktop Console 1TB SSD 16GB RAM Extreme (Intel Core i7-4790K Processor – 4.0GHz with Turbo Boost to 4.4GHz,NVIDIA GeForce GTX w/ 2GB Graphics RAM, Win 8.1) PC Compact Gaming Computer

The Alienware Alpha combines the power of a PC with the ease of a gaming console – use it as a POWERFUL compact desktop or a SUPERFAST game console! The exclusive Alienware-developed user interface allows you to navigate all of Alpha’s core functions with only the included Xbox 360 controller – without needing a keyboard and mouse. With the power of Steam Big Picture, the global online community for downloading and playing games, you can have quick and easy access to thousands of your favorite Steam games, plus other entertainment, all on your big screen TV. Welcome to a new era of fun. Once superfast gaming fun is over, you can use Alpha as a very powerful desktop with Windows 8.1

Alpha features a tiny and BEAUTIFUL case that houses EXTREME-power Intel Core i7-4790K processor with a TURBO BOOST of 4.4GHz and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card with 2GB dedicated memory to give you unstoppable performance for professional use, games and home entertainment in FullHD 1080p quality.

Supremacy doesnt stop with Intel’s top notch i7-4790K processor, Alpha is topped off with 16 GB of RAM for SUPERIOR performance and an ULTRA FAST 1 TB SSD drive!!!

An arsenal of games: Access over 3,000 downloadable games from the comfort of your couch, ranging from the most popular blockbusters to the most hardcore independent and mainstream titles. You can play your entire STEAM library directly on the Alienware Alpha, or stream all your Steam games and content over your local network.

This POWERFUL compact desktop/console comes equipped with 4 USB ports (2 USB 3.0 ports), HDMI out, HDMI in, optical audio out port, Xbox 360 wireless Controller/Black, Ethernet, Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 1×1+Bluetooth 4.0, 130W power supply(will work WORLDWIDE)

Intel Core i7-4790K at 4.0GHz with TURBO BOOST to 4.4GHz (EXTREME-power processor)
16 GB of RAM (SUPERIOR performance); 4 USB ports (2 x USB 3.0)
1 TB SSD drive (ULTRA FAST drive); Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 1×1+Bluetooth 4.0
NVIDIA GeForce GTX with 2GB dedicated video RAM and up to 4GB total
Xbox 360 wireless Controller/Black, HDMI out, HDMI in,RJ45 GbE,optical audio out port

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