TT Note V1.2.4

Main features: * Multimedia notepad: illustrated multimedia content to make impressive for notepad It support photo taking, sound recording, video, hand-painted and Video Audio and so on notepad type.You can record work and life in anytime and anywhere, can create illustrated multimedia content, so that notepad has become very impressive. * Drawing notepad: fun and creativity to make notepad It can make notepad with graffiti, handwritten, puzzles, and decoration etc, can be set to beautiful cover, can insert into background and music, also pictures zoom in, zoom, rotate, overlay and other landscaping treatment, so that notes become interesting and creativity; *Automatically synchronized Notes anytime,automatically synchronized to the cloud server,never lost! * Perfect puzzle: various forms to spell out wonderful pictures It can puzzle various forms pictures, including template puzzles, free puzzles and original mosaic.What is more,you can choose massive border background and material to make the puzzle more fantastic. * Video Audio: can record wonderful moments for recalling memories It can take photos while recording, support to slide shows and Flash animation and can insert into your geographical location information,which can save your wonderful life and good mood as the life good memories. * Animation: simple and easy to make what you like Flash animation,support multi-layer and multi-page hand-painted content can be saved as a flash file (SWF format). GIF animation, can be convenient to choose pictures and easy to make GIF images, so pictures can be moved anytime. * Schedule calendar: can flexible and well-organized notepad Chronicle schedule is sweet housekeeper which can create the schedule, record matters and place, set up remind, etc; Calendar function, can be convenient to check schedule,the important meeting and the anniversary by calendar. * Enhancements: Intimate Design and Perfect Experience -Notepad widget, easy to take and check notepad; -Search and tags, can be convenient to find and manager notepad; -Handwritten notepad, can perfect record original handwriting, which can be used as a signature; -share notes with friends by SNS,the MicroBlog, emails, etc. -Can set password, and view a single notepad password to protect your privacy; -Automatic backup and recovery,which can automatic backup notepad content to SD card; -Free , No Ads and support Chinese and English

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