Nvidia 1650 May Release In As Little As 3 Weeks!

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Nvidia 1650

With the release of the Nvidia 1660 Ti, we saw a new (and largely unexpected) range of graphics cards that looked to utilise the power of the Turing architecture while skipping some of the ‘bells and whistles’ features. Namely, the ray tracing and DLSS.

While the 1660 Ti (and subsequent 1660) have proven to be largely excellent cards (and a more than logical successor to the highly popular 1060) there is still one card expected from the range. Namely, the 1650.

In a report via Videocardz, however, it seems that it may be hitting the market in the very near future. In fact, perhaps just 3 weeks!

What Do We Know About It?

In terms of actual specification, very little. We do know that it will feature 4GB of VRAM. In addition, it will also have a Turing 117 architecture. In other words, a shade under the shade we saw with the 1660/Ti 116. That is, however, about it. It is, however, speculated from industry insiders that the stars are aligning to see it release on April 22nd.

What Do We Think?

With a Ti version also scheduled to release at some point, we do have some mild concerns over this graphics card. It is, after all, the logically successor to the Nvidia 1050 and, with respect to those who own it, both that and the Ti variant were woefully under-powered graphics cards.

Yes, these do represent the ‘entry-point’ of graphics cards and, as such, top performance shouldn’t be expected. We do, however, hope that these have a little more under the hood. Nothing spectacular, just enough to make them mildly gaming relevant.

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