Time based Jeopardy Management System: A TeamFrame Concept and Implementation Approach

The book provides an overview of how a Jeopardy Management System was implemented in Crux Cybernetics’ flagship product TeamFrame Easy PMO. It is a time based notification system much like the reminders from MS Outlook or the Palm pilot diary. The first two chapters provide an overview of TeamFrame. They demonstrate the technology currently used as well as show the already implemented event driven rule system. Chapter three analyses different existing third party applications. It provides an overview how problems are handled. Chapter four demonstrates alternative notification types. It shows what they are and how they work as well as summarizes the features and provides an overview how they could be used in the Jeopardy Management System. Chapter five provides an overview of the identified rules as well as explains how projects, tasks and jobs are stored in TeamFrame in order to execute rules. Chapter six shows and describes the developed user interface. Chapter seven, eight and nine concern about the implementation, optimization and the deployment of the Jeopardy Management System. The last two chapters illustrate the developed test framework as well as discuss further work.

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