Luminous Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder, Universal 360 Rotation Magnetic Car Phone Holder Stand, Metal Mobile Phone Holder For Car Dashboard Mount Robot Warrior

We know you spend a lot of time driving every day and it¡¯s pretty dangerous to get your phone each time is ringing or to try to find it after you dropped it in the car while driving. We have the perfect solution for you. Our mobile phone car holder build with powerful Neodymium Magnetic Technology attaches to your phone and holds it close to you safely. Therefore you can check your phone anytime without any hassle, you can get directions without holding it in your hands, you can even transform your phone in a dash camera if you want. That means no more dropping the phone, no more holding it with one hand while driving with the other, no more tickets for driving while talking on the phone. And more than anything else it means peace of mind knowing that you¡¯re safer on the road!Strong magnetic: This magnetic car phone holder uses four neodymium magnets which provide a strong magnetic. It can hold the phone steadily even on bumpy roads.
360¡ãAdjustable Angle: 360¡ãfree rotation magnetic phone car mount allows you to rotate your Smartphone or swivel your display for your preferred position as you like.
Widely compatibility: This magnet car phone mount holder is compatible with all size of 4-8 Inches Smartphones, such as iPhone 7/7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy,etc.
Safe Driving: Free your hands, make phone call and GPS more convenient with this magnetic phone holder. And it has a small body which will never cover your driving views. This phone car mount is just what you need if you want a safe driving!
Suitable for any flat surface: Multi-scene use magnetic phone car holder-you can applied to car dashboard, kitchen or desk surface, etc. When you attach this car mount on your dashboard or other place,please press firmly for 1-2 mins,and then wait at least 24 hours before using it.

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