Remember the AFL: The Ultimate Fan’s Guide to the American Football League

REMEMBER THE AFL presents the history of the American Football League from the early days, when the league struggled for survival, to Broadway Joe Namath’s brash guarantee of a victory against the Baltimore Colts and culminating in the last historic AFL/NFL match-up of Super Bowl IV.
Beautifully illustrated and loaded with stats, trivia and stories, REMEMBER THE AFL, at last, gives the league its due. Readers will love recalling the famous, infamous, and long-forgotten players who made this league so unique and seeing the uniforms and helmets of all ten teams. And they’ll hear tales of what it was like to play in a style that revolutionized the game. The AFL moved far quicker on the field and off, giving minority players much greater access, to the point of relocating one of its All-Star games from New Orleans when African-American players experienced discrimination throughout the city. The millions of men who grew up in this era have not forgotten this unlikely collection of brash and brilliant heroes.
Dave Steidel has put together an unprecedented season-by-season, team-by-team history of the league sure to evoke fond football memories for fans. Through in-depth research and hundreds of photos, including many classic football cards, this book brings that one-of-a-kind era in pro football to life.

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