HP 412648-B21 NC360T PCI-Express DP GigaBit Adapter

The NC360T is a high performance PCI Express (PCIe) dual port, copper, gigabit network solution for ProLiant customers who demand the latest in dual port Ethernet network adapter bandwidth and features. It offers two ports on a single PCI Express adapter, allowing customers to save valuable I/O slots for other uses. It is based upon the high performance Intel 82571EB chipset and offers a 4 lane (x4) PCI Express bus. Unique customer benefits and differentiators are: flexibility to order and install (It has both standard and low profile capability.); and, usable in Ethernet or Fast Ethernet legacy twisted pair environments to preserve legacy infrastructure investments.End-to-end Gigabit solution
Better network performance by alleviating congestion and removing bottlenecks
High-performance connectivity solution for your LAN
Significantly reduces CPU utilization and increases throughput
Allows Lower Power Consumption, Remote Wake And Remote Booting
Pci-E V1.0A Compliant
Senses and configures itself to the speed and duplex type of the attached device
Support For Acpi Wol (Wake On Lan)

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