Trump Told A Reporter His G20 Meeting With Putin Is None Of His Business

Eric Trump is still wiping his face after a Chicago server hit him between the eyes with spit while he threw back brews at a Chicago Loop cocktail bar. Eric told the press the server must have mental issues to mess with the Trump boys. The Secret Service arrested the server. The owner of the bar is the person who stepped up and offered the Clemson football team a decent meal after Trump served the team fast food when they visited the White House.

Iran claims the nuclear treaty Trump threw out the window last year is over. The Iranians will continue enriching uranium while Trump tries to push them into a military war. Europe can’t do much now that Trump has control. All Europe can do is watch and object while Trump tries to overthrow the government. The Iran debacle could be the event that puts Europe in recession mode, according to economists.

Jared Kushner’s lame West Bank economic and peace plan won’t reach first base. The Palestinians told Kushner his $50 billion real estate development plan sucks. Kushner forgot to give Palestine equal rights in his new plan. Kushner and Ben Netanyahu are pals. Ben stays with Jared and Ivanka when he comes to the states to make secret deals with the president.

Mr. Trump told a member of the press his G20 meeting with President Putin is none of his business. Trump likes to meet with Putin without anyone else in the room. That gives Trump a chance to fill Putin in on when he’ll drop the Russian sanctions, and when he’ll start his Trump Tower Moscow project again. Mr. Trump wants to give Putin the penthouse apartment if Putin agrees to help him win in 2020.

Bob Mueller plans to give Congress a thrill by answering questions when he sits in front of two Congressional committees on July 17th. The Democrats want to know why Mueller didn’t accuse Trump of collusion. The Trump campaign had a number of meetings with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign. Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff thinks Mueller colluded with the Russians during and after the 2016 campaign.

The president thinks President Xi will agree to his trade demands. But according to the Chinese press, Xi won’t agree to any deal until Trump addresses the Huawei and Tariff issues. Trump won’t meet with Kim at the G20 Summit even though they both received beautiful letters from each other.

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